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A little history about our business and its great products. 

In 1993 the previous owners started importing the first static cling products from the Stik-ees company in the USA. They operated under the US product name Stik-ees and introduced the first 22 products with a mailing of a small catalogue to a number of kindergartens in Victoria. It wasn't long before people responded with amazement of how this wonderful new product worked and the great value for money. A distributor network was created and this became very popular. It also helped many organizations raise much needed cash through our fundraising programs.  
In 1999 the US parent company closed their doors and so became an independent company.  At this time the name was changed to Aussie Clings. 

Aussie Clings has remained a company that has sold direct to the public since it's inception and by being the designer, manufacturer and retailer we have been able to price our product so that you the public can still afford to buy it. When we can do it cheaper, we pass on the savings to you.

As of 2011, Aussie Clings is now based in Queensland. We have plans to update, create new and retain popular sets. From little things - big things grow - we now have over 170 sets!

May you and your kids enjoy our products for years to come.

 Kind regards to all,

Wendy and Tim Noller





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