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Static Cling - It's Magic


Our product is made of non-toxic pliable soft plastic that sticks to most clean glossy surfaces. Both sides stick, so you can't go wrong.


There is no glue or any messy sticky compounds involved.


Individual pieces are layered on top of each other or placed side by side to create a picture.


 Ideal surfaces include -  


Glass: windows, mirrors, cabinets, car windows

White goods: fridges, freezers, washing machines 

White boards and most high gloss painted surfaces


They are great for children's play. Should clings lose their adhesiveness, simply remove any dust and fingerprints by giving them a clean water rinse or wipe and away you go again.


Always make sure the surface they are meant to adhere too is also clean and free of dust.


Put them up, take them down - if looked after, our clings will last for many years.


It is recommended that different colours be stored separately or with plain paper in between colours.


Please store all pieces flat.


Aussie Clings / Stik-ees should never come in contact with printed materials as the print may adhere to the plastic.


Many kits contain small pieces that could be a choking hazard for small children. Please place displays out of their reach for visual stimulation only or supervise children when playing with these items. In many cases the smaller pieces can be set aside allowing children to use the larger pieces only and still have heaps of fun!!




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